CMHR Website

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is the only museum in the world solely dedicated to human rights issues.

Based in Winnipeg, Canada, the building itself is a visionary marvel imbued with symbolism. Its spiraling design takes visitors on an upward journey, progressing from darkness to light. 

This progression serves as a metaphor for the struggle toward fully realized human rights for all, where one is immersed in remarkable stories. This museum is more than just artifacts, it’s a place built to engage people in the stories of others, encourage reflection, and to spark dialogue.

Client: Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Role: Experience Designer

Location: Vancouver, Canada


The goal

To create a virtual expression of the museum experience so the website not only promotes the values of reflection and dialogue but also adheres to a range of visual cues from the journey through the physical space.


Experiencing the museum reflection online

A complex well thought user experience showcasing not only all exhibitions but also bringing forward stories of human rights history icons to life online with valuable content and completely in accordance with WCAG 2.1 AAA Standards of accessibility.

First Nations culture, land and art are an intrinsic part of the museum, and more than part of exhibitions and content on the website it inspired the choice of colors as well.


Questions & Polls

The website experience embodies the aspect of raising questions and promoting reflection on human rights topics by surprising the user with questions and interactive polls.



Creative Director
Josh Fehr

Jillian Greenwood
Katherine Wearing

Contributing Designers
Tracey Lebedovitch
Alex Tench

Gabrielle Carson
Djun Kim
Bryce Gilhome