Using neuroscience and AI, Method's service consists of a customed combination of tools created for the optimization of physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

What Method believes in is that these are the essential building blocks of any human being. And that the harmonic synergy between them is essential to an extended balanced healthy life

Client: Method Wellness

Location: Vancouver, Canada / Bali, Indonesia

Role: Brand strategy and designer


Behavioral science has shown that despite information, education or warnings, humans still do not act in their own best interest. Instead, we must decode people in new, more effective and empathetic ways that not only resonate but work to change behavior.  

Source: Center for Behavioral Science Ogilvy Consulting 


So it is not enough to just prescribe surface-level solutions.

Method wellness aims to reset human habit and rewire the human tendency to make unhealthy lifestyle choices over choices that will contribute to longevity.

Rewire and Reshape the Building Blocks

The concept of rewiring and reshaping mind, body and soul to reach a goal is translated in a dynamic logotype that takes different shapes and is built by strong blocks.

Resulting in an array of options for a brand system with different applications.